Ventilation system equipment and the sound of air moving through ducts can produce a lot of unwanted noise, which usually needs to be attenuated. Noise is also carried from an adjacent room or apartment through air ducts, breaking through duct walls.

Effective noise reduction is an important factor in creating a more pleasant living and working environment.
The alternatives available to you for noise reduction include using ventilation equipment that is more silent, silencers, and insulation.

PAROC products are used in a wide range of ventilation equipment and silencers. Due to their porous fibre structure and optimal density, PAROC products are ideally suited as noise reduction solutions.

Ventilation duct insulated with PAROC InVent G5 slabs 

Sound attenuation in ducts

In situations where you need to reduce the noise transportation in air flow, use faced PAROC InVent slabs, which you install inside the duct. We have designed PAROC InVent Slabs specifically for noise reduction in ducts.


Sound insulation

Ducts work as a sound carrying channel, spreading sound from one room to another. The insulation you use outside the duct helps to reduce the amount of sound breaking through the duct wall.

If you decide to mount the insulation on the outside of the duct, we offer a variety of slabs and wired mats for you to choose from. Find out more about our solutions from your local Paroc representative.


Silencers for sound reduction in ventilation ducts

You can use silencers for sound reduction in ventilation ducts. When the ducts are situated in a cold space (e.g. in an attic), the recommended insulation thickness is at least 100 mm of thermal insulation. Usually, less insulation is used in silencers, which creates a need to add insulation in order to guarantee that the ventilation system works as planned.

PAROC Silencer 60 G5
PAROC Silencer 60 G5 is used in silencers. The recommended products for additional insulation are PAROC Hvac Slabs and Mats with aluminium foil facing.