HVAC systems, particularly heat delivery and boiler room equipment, have large surface areas and generate high temperatures. Thermal insulation keeps heat inside the system and prevents the equipment room from overheating. By properly insulating HVAC equipment, you effectively save energy and cut energy costs.

Depending on the size, shape and temperature of the equipment, PAROC products provide an ideal solution for insulating:

  • heat exchangers
  • boilers
  • hot water tanks and
  • ventilation equipment.

Aluminium foil faced products are also suitable for insulating HVAC equipment, especially when you need condensation insulation.

HVAC Equipment insulated with PAROC Hvac Lamella Mat AluCoat  In the picture on the right HVAC equipment insulated on-site with PAROC Hvac Lamella Mat AluCoat and on the left HVAC equipment with the insulation inside of it.