PAROC Marine and Offshore insulation is made of stone wool and developed for the needs of the modern shipbuilding and offshore industry. Our products have been tested in various A-class and H-class deck and bulkhead constructions and in numerous fire door constructions.

The shipbuilding industry sets very high requirements for safety and comfort. The products and structures used in ships must be fire tested and approved according to the rules and regulations of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

PAROC Marine and Offshore offers economical and safe insulation solutions for fire protection as well as for on-board thermal and sound insulation.

Fire protection and thermal insulation on ships must meet very high requirements. Furthermore, functionality together with easy and fast installation has become more and more important. These requirements demand alternative solutions for different fire applications. Paroc has several approvals for A60, A30 and A15 class solutions for steel and aluminium, decks and bulkheads. For offshore applications Paroc has approvals for H120 and H60 steel decks and bulkheads.