Installation guidelines for fire protection of steel structures

Mounting I profiles:

Cutting stonewool
Cut the installation pieces with a width of 100 mm and a length suitable to the profile with 2–3 mm of extra length. Always use the same thickness of slab as used for the current profile. 
 Fire safe insulation, steel construction 2 Press the pieces of insulation between the flanges behind a coming joint.
Fire safe insulation, steel construction 1

When the beam or column has a height of over 300 mm, the insulation needs to be supported. Create a T-shaped support with two pieces of insulation and place this between the beam and the outer layer of insulation.


Welding pin The insulation is fixed using steel stud/ washers. The stud is an Ø 2.8 mm and is fixed with a washer at Ø 30.0 mm. 
Welding pin and slab Use a stud that is 2–3 mm longer than the insulation thickness.
Welding Perform the welding with Capacitor Discharge (CD) equipment – or its equivalent. The stud is a copper-covered steel pin with the washer included. 
Welding pins and studs Ensure the slab covers the end of the slab it is installed against. No steel shall be visible.
Installing insulation to the studs