Pipe penetrations occur when pipes pass from one fire area to another, providing a potential channel through which fire could spread in a building. To combat this risk, insulate your pipes with a non-combustible insulation material. PAROC fire protection solutions for pipe penetrations provide maintenance-free fire protection for the whole lifetime of the installation.

PAROC fire protection solutions for pipe penetrations include fire resistance up to 120 minutes and are based on one product: PAROC Hvac Section AluCoat T. In the PAROC solutions, the insulation is sustained through the wall which the pipe penetrates. This is an advantage if the pipe also needs to be insulated against condensation.

Pipe penetration


The solution can be used in rigid decks and walls, such as concrete or aerated concrete. It is also tested and classified for fire rated flexible walls e.g. gypsum boards and studs. 





Pipe types: conventional copper and iron pipes, and also steel, stainless steel, cast iron, plastic and composite pipes of different thicknesses.

Applications: Pipes used for drinking water, heating water, comfort cooling and unventilated sewage pipes are all included in the solution.