Industrial Insulation Improves Productivity

At PAROC, every day offers a new opportunity to save energy, conserve resources and make decisions that have a positive impact on our planet. With the right insulation, you can too. PAROC products will boost your plant’s sustainability, creating an energy-efficient and fire-safe environment. As a bonus, you’ll also save on costs and maintenance across the lifecycle of your equipment and piping. 

The right insulation will reduce energy losses, improve your footprint and save costs

Did you know that across Europe, around 14 Mtoe or 162,778 GWh of energy and 40 Mt of greenhouse gas emissions could be saved just by buying the right technical insulation?* This is equivalent to the annual energy consumption of more than 10 million European households.* There is a lot of potential in plants to conserve energy and boost cost savings (and the best bit? The payback period for improving industrial insulation is just two years!).


Recent inspections of the (approx) 2,500 plants and technical installations in Europe found that not a single plant didn’t have the potential for savings through better insulation. *



*European Industrial Insulation Foundation (EiiF)

The cheapest energy is the one you don't consume!

Energy efficiency table 2

Introducing the PAROC Pro Slab Family to tackle challenges in industrial insulation

PAROC Pro Slabs are now available with improved product properties! We have worked hard to improve the thermal conductivity properties and the maximum service temperature for our products. All in all, now Paroc offers slabs for nearly all industrial insulation applications and in all temperatures (up to 700 °C). Also check our new PAROC Pro Roof Slabs with exceptional compressive strength up to 80 kpA!

All of our new PAROC Pro Slabs are available with market-leading water-repellent (WR) features and AluCoat finish. Slabs are also safe to use even during painting operations.


  • All slabs are available with market-leading water-repellent (WR) features and AluCoat finish
  • Both PAROC Pro Slabs and water-repellent (WR) slabs are safe to use during painting operations
  • Improved product properties: thermal conductivity, max service temperature
  • Big variety of slabs for nearly all industrial insulation applications and all temperatures (up to 700°C)
  • Easy to choose optimum the product for every application and temperature range
  • Full set of accessories available

Select suitable products for your project

You can select the product according to the application, temperature range, or compressive strength
Service temperature range table small

Do you have a suitable project in mind?

Discuss and connect with our experts about your project details to verify the correct PAROC Pro Slabs in your project.

Verify availability and prices

Connect with our sales to get more information about the availability and prices.

Determine the insulation solution for your projects

Use PAROC Calculus to determine  the proper insulation solution for your application. Invest in the best insulation today, and reap the rewards for decades
to come.

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