Industry can save Money, Energy & CO2

Industry can save money, energy & CO2

The aim of the TIPCHECK Programme established by the European Industrial Insulation Foundation is to provide industry with a standardized, high quality thermal energy audit tool focusing on the thermal performance of technical insulation systems. TIPCHECKs quantify the amount of energy and money an industrial facility is losing with its current insulation system (including uninsulated parts).


Did you know that the tremendous energy savings potential of technical insulation is 620 PJ? This annual savings potential is equivalent to the energy consumption of 10 million households. Industrial insulation is a Best Available Technique, which could help EU27’s industry to reduce its energy consumption by 4 %.



The TIPCHECK programme is also a qualification programme for insulation engineers to become EiiF certified thermal energy auditors, so called TIP

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CHECK engineers. Auditors that can support you in evaluating insulation systems of existing facilities, planned projects or retrofits and demonstrate how more efficient insulation could

1. Save energy

2. Save money and

3. Contribute to a cleaner environment through reduced CO2 emissions


Paroc has trained a number of TIPCHECK Engineers in order to serve you better with energy saving advice:

  • Thermal energy audit
  • Performed by a certified TIPCHECK engineer
  • Quality-controlled by EiiF
  • Easily integrated with energy management systems, e.g. ISO 50001

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Insulating bare surfaces can reduce heat loss by up to

Paroc and tipcheck can help you save money, energy and co2

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