Introducing PAROC water repellent products to specifyers

Every day brings new opportunities to be more sustainable, cost-efficient, and run safer operations. Investing in a superior insulation product provides long-term advantages such as cost and energy savings, improvement of process control, and prevention of corrosion under insulation (CUI). 

CUI is one of the biggest challenges facing the industrial sector today. A study by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers titled “Corrosion Costs and Preventive Strategies in the United States” found that the direct national cost of corrosion is as high as US$ 276 billion per year. This figure doesn’t include indirect costs such as energy loss. 

How Paroc can help

Paroc water repellent products directly combat the risk of CUI occurring by providing market-leading water absorption properties. Third-party laboratory tests have shown that the PAROC Pro Section 100 WR range is more than 10x better than the toughest requirements on the market (as defined by EN13472/24h) - absorbing less than 0.1kg/m2. 

Paroc’s products feature a fibrous, open-pore structure that allows bulk water to drain away rapidly and for vapor to dry out naturally. Again, this reduces the risk of CUI occurring as well as maintaining the insulation material’s performance for longer and decreasing the likelihood of leaks and fractures. 

Safe to use

Not only that, Paroc stone wool contains no more than 10ppm water-leachable chlorides, sodiums, silicates and fluorides - meeting the standards of ASTM C795. It also reduces the possibility of external stress corrosion cracking. Paroc’s products are chemically inert to steelwork to mitigate the danger of corrosion.

Additionally, the Paroc range is safe to use during painting operations and certified according to the requirements of the coating compatibility standard VDMA 24364. 

A wide range on offer

Paroc offers a range of different lengths, bends and segments for easy installation. The Paroc ProLock range is another option for organisations looking to utilise a double-layer system in one layer. Its innovative z-lock joints improve energy efficiency, reduces heat loss and cuts installation time by 30%.Whatever your requirements, Paroc will have a water repellent solution that suits your business. For further information visit the product pages , or contact us.