Insulation Specifications

When it comes to pipe insulation , accurate and reliable information is key.

There can be nothing worse than getting half way through an installation only to find something doesn’t quite line up.

That’s why your insulation thickness really matters. Even the smallest difference in insulation thickness can make a huge difference to the overall success –or otherwise –of a project.

Specifying the wrong thickness of insulation may mean ripping out pipework and replacing it, often at the installer’s expense. So even the tiniest inconsistency in product thickness specifications could result in a big problem.

Avoiding costly mistakes is as simple as choosing a supplier who guarantees to provide reliable, high-quality, and fully-tested stone wool insulation.

All our cards are on the table.  For years installers and specifiers have relied on Paroc for insulation that meets the highest technical specifications -each and every time.

Make sure you’re always using consistent, high-quality stone wool insulation that you can trust.  Read Paroc’s Guide to Thicknesses, and ensure your project meets your expectations.