Introducing PAROC water repellent products for installers

The drive to become more cost-effective and sustainable has become all-the-more urgent in recent months. With a superior, water repellent insulation product, you can provide clients with long-term cost and energy savings, and prevention of corrosion under insulation (CUI). Meanwhile, you will benefit from a seamless, easy-to-install product and a reduced installation time.

A wide product range

Paroc offers the widest range of water repellent products on the market, designed to streamline installation and provide water protection throughout. Third-party laboratory tests have shown that the Paroc water repellent range is more than 10x better than the toughest requirements on the market (as defined by EN13472/24h). Water repellency is maintained up to 300 degrees Celsius. 

Market-leading water protection

With short-term protection against water exposure, installers won’t have to spend resources or time on additional protection around pipework during installation. This also allows for working in inclement weather conditions. 

Paroc’s water repellent products feature a fibrous, open-pore structure that allows bulk water to drain away rapidly and for vapor to dry out naturally. This maintains the insulation material’s performance for longer, reduces the likelihood of leaks and fractures, and provides added peace-of-mind and lower lifetime costs for your clients. 

Easy installation

Simultaneously, the Paroc range is safe to use during painting operations and certified according to the requirements of the coating compatibility standard VDMA 24364. 

Paroc’s water repellent range comes in 1.2 metre lengths with bends and segments available for easy installation. 

For installers looking for a time and labour-saving double-layer system, the Paroc ProLock range provides the benefits of double-layer insulation in one layer. Its innovative z-lock joints are designed to drastically reduce thermal losses caused by thermal expansion. Paroc ProLock will also cut installation time by 30% compared to traditional double-layer installations.

Provide added value

Working with Paroc water repellent products will help you add value to your clients’ systems and become a competitive differentiator for your business. Our vast range of insulation solutions will help you install a solution that meets each client’s unique needs. 

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