Introducing the PAROC water repellent products for distributors

Globally, organisations are on a mission to become more sustainable, use fewer resources, and be more cost-effective. As distributors, you play a vital role in ensuring the insulation products that they use are as energy-efficient and long-lasting as possible. Stocking a superior, water repellent insulation product will help your business stand out as a sustainable and high-quality distributor.

The widest product range

Paroc offers the widest range of water repellent products on the market with lengths, bends and segments to suit all end-user needs. This water repellent range is as competitively priced as Paroc’s standard product range is, so there is no need to dual stock as these products can be used in all applications. 

Market-leading water repellency

Third-party laboratory tests have shown that the Paroc water repellent range is more than 10x better than the toughest requirements on the market (as defined by EN13472). The products feature a fibrous, open-pore structure that allows bulk water to drain away rapidly and for vapor to dry out naturally. This maintains the insulation material’s performance for longer and reduces the likelihood of leaks and fractures.

Paroc ProLock

There is also the Paroc ProLock range that is designed to offer the benefits of a double-layer insulation product in a single layer. Its innovative z-lock joints are designed to drastically reduce thermal losses caused by thermal expansion. Paroc ProLock will also cut installation time by 30% compared to traditional double-layer installations. 

Meeting today’s expectations

Providing a range of high-quality, water repellent products that boost sustainability, cost-savings and provide peace-of-mind will help your customers meet the desires, needs and expectations of the modern-day. 

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