PAROC Stonewool is safe

PAROC Stonewool is safe to use

Paroc products represent an important contribution to economic, social and environmental welfare; helping protect our world, as well as everyone and everything in it. Corporate responsibility is not only good for the environment and everyone who lives and works in buildings and structures that use Paroc products. It’s of huge business value too, in giving assurance to our partners of enduring quality, compliance and safety, reducing material lifecycle cost, speeding up installation and building partnerships. Long-term business success is only possible if we each take our individual responsibilities towards the environment and society seriously. 

PAROC Stonewool

Fibre is safe

  • The European Certification Board for Mineral Wool products (EUCEB) trademark on our products confirms that PAROC Stonewool fibre fulfils the bio solubility requirements of EU directive No. 1272/2008.
  • The German RAL quality mark confirms that the bio solubility and safety requirements are met according to the German technical regulation TRGS905. 

Has low emissions

  • Fulfil the most stringent requirement (M1) in the Finnish voluntary system for building material emissions
  • Certified products can be found on the RTS website.


Does not contain dangerous substances

  • The Paroc stone wool fiber is registered according to REACH chemical regulation. Our products do not contain substances of very high concern listed in the so called "Candidate list". A User Instruction for safe use is available for all our products.
  • The technical dossier in REACH registration contains a chemical safety report about properties and classification. PAROC stone wool fibre is a mineral wool Nota Q fibre and is not evaluated as hazardous or classified as an irritant.

Products contain no hazardous substances mentioned in the RoHS directive 

  • This means that PAROC products can be used also in electrical and electronic equipment.

Is safe to handle

  • We recommend the use of loosely fitting work clothes and gloves during the installation of mineral wool. Dust release should be controlled as much as possible. 
  • We have signed a voluntary agreement to demonstrate product handling on product packages with text and a pictogram that has been agreed between all members of the European Mineral Wool Manufacturers association EURIMA. 

Safe Use Instruction Sheet can be obtained from Paroc’s local web pages.