PAROC Stonewool is energy efficient

PAROC Stonewool is energy efficient


Building energy efficient environments is both a responsibility and an opportunity. Homes and offices play a key role in the climate change debate. Around 40 percent of greenhouse gas emissions generated by humans come from poorly insulated homes and offices and the energy required to heat them. 

Specifically, insulation plays a critical role in the energy efficiency of a building and can account for up to 75 percent of the total energy reduction potential of buildings. Proper thermal insulation saves energy costs in buildings. 

Also HVAC systems and industrial installations shall be insulated well when pipes and ducts are used to transport hot air or liquids.

Due to high temperatures used in industrial applications (e.g. power plants) the heat loss is much bigger than in passive level houses. When the pipes and installations are not properly insulated more energy is required to maintain the heat level.

PAROC Stonewool

  • Has excellent thermal insulation properties – also in high temperatures
  • Consists of 95-98% of air with very low thermal conductivity
  • Maintains its insulating performance and dimensions during the life cycle of a building
  • For each tonne of CO2 generated in the manufacturing process of stone wool, about 200 tonnes of CO2 are saved by its thermal insulation properties over a 50-year period. 
(Source: EURIMA)