PAROC Stonewool is reusable

PAROC Stonewool is re-usable


Even if PAROC Stonewool is made of natural stone, a raw material that is natural and essentially inexhaustible, we need to make optimal use of our planet's resources. We do this in several different ways, both in our own manufacturing process and in providing services that support recycling of our products. PAROC Stonewool can be recycled again and again into new stone wool.


PAROC Stonewool

  • Is suitable for re-use as thermal insulation at a new site, provided that the material can be extracted intact from its previous location
  • Waste material generated by cutting boards in production is used as raw material for new stone wool products, reducing the need for virgin material
  • Insulation is used as transportation pallets to minimize waste (roof products)
  • Waste insulation is reused as blowing wool
  • PAROC Stonewool can be used safely as landfill or soil structure