PAROC Stonewool repels moisture

PAROC Stonewool is moisture proof


Building science is concerned with four different moisture transport mechanisms and their effects in buildings: transport of bulk moisture, humidity transported by air (convection), diffusion and capillary moisture. Moisture control is fundamental to the proper functioning of any building. 


PAROC Stonewool gives the most versatile moisture safety

  • Doesn't absorb moisture from the surrounding air. Stays dry even in very humid environment.
  • Doesn't absorb liquid water
  • Dries very fast in normal room temperature
  • Maintains its thermal performance and dimensions after moisture exposure
  • Acts as capillary break in underground solutions
  • Doesn't block moisture to the constructions – is a diffusion open material (Mμ = 1) that allows water vapor transportation through it.

Keeps constructions dry

  • Allows significantly faster drying of concrete structures than impermeable insulation materials
  • Doesn't collect moisture to the constructions and therefore reveals the possible moisture leakages fast
  • Doesn't allow condensation to happen inside the insulation layer

Prevents moisture risks

  • The chemical balance is unfavourable for corrosion
  • Contains no fire retardants that promote corrosion
  • Is tested resistant towards mold growth (95-100% relative humidity and 22ºC for 28 days)
  • Performs well even in 2030 climate conditions at relative humidity levels of RH80% and RH95%