Accessories for Technical Insulations

PAROC Clad TapeImage

PAROC Clad Tape

PAROC Clad Tape is a lasting water resistant butyl rubber tape with very high tack and very high ageing resistance. It is used amongst others for masking of Clad faced products. The butyl sealing tape can be used as moisture and diffusion barriers.

It is an ideal for sealing the joints when using PAROC Clad products. Permanently seal pipes and ventilation ducts facings in heating, ventilation and air conditioning engineering. The butyl sealing tapes are also used as moisture and diffusion barriers in underground construction. PAROC Clad Tape gives a great finish and safe installation.

PAROC Clad DotsImage

PAROC Clad Dots

PAROC Clad Dots are a clean, fast and convenient way to cover the pins' heads. Water resistant butyl rubber self-adhesive patches with very high tack and ageing resistance, come on a roll and can be attached directly on the head pins with the help of a spatula. This is fast and clean, generates a smooth, gapless and tight outdoor insulation surface. It is very easy to lift the single dot from the release paper.