Paroc provides efficient solutions for all pipe insulation requirements. What insulation solution is right for your needs depends on the operating temperature of the pipe. Pipe section insulation does not sag over time, so its thickness and insulating property remain consistent for the whole lifetime of the pipeline. Paroc always recommends pipe sections for process pipelines.

An insulation solution with pipe sections can reduce heat loss by at least 25%–30% compared to the same thickness of wired mat insulation, which requires a supporting structure to carry the cladding. The supporting structure creates a significant heat bridge inside of the insulation. If a certain maximum heat loss is the basis of dimensioning the insulation for the pipeline, using pipe sections reduces the insulation thickness significantly. See the heat flow comparison at the end of the page.

PAROC Pro Lock solution

In the PAROC Pro Lock solution, one layer of insulation is enough to replace two layer pipe sections (thicknesses 80–160 mm). The installation time is shorter, which means scaffolding and other equipment is needed for less time, and general on-site and labour costs are lower. The total reduction in costs equals some 20%–30%.

Double layer (DL)

When two insulation layers are needed and insulation thickness is over 160 mm, we recommend you choose DL products. DL products provide you with a ready solution that includes two pipe sections that are dimensioned to fit together. DL products are packed inside each other and delivered together, which means savings through more efficient logistics to and at the site.

In order to meet special requirements, we also have extremely water repellent pipe sections, so-called WR grade PAROC Pro Sections. Please ask for more information from our sales representatives.