The concrete chimneys with round internal steel channels common to industrial plants need insulation.

Thermal insulation prevents the surface temperature of the internal steel channels from dropping to the point where the gasses would condense and form corrosive acidic deposits. Preventing corrosion prolongs the service life of the chimney.

Wired mats are flexible and easy to install on large round steel channels. Galvanized net helps mounting and prevents the insulation from sagging. Aluminium foil facing protects the insulation surface from dust and provides pleasant, dust-free conditions for maintenance work inside chimneys.

Steel channels insulated with aluminium foil faced PAROC Pro Wired Mats 

For industrial chimneys, Paroc recommends the following solution:

  • Use 100 kg/m3 PAROC Pro Wired Mats with aluminium foil facing
  • Fix the insulation with steel bands.