Heat exchangers and vessels are multiform, cylinder surfaces or contain curves and outlets. Flexible wired mat insulation is the right insulation to fill all the corners without air gaps. For bigger, high pressure vessels, you can also be use different density stone wool slabs, according to the required temperatures.

The insulation fixing method is dependent on whether welding to the vessel's surface is permitted or not. Whenever it is possible, welded pins are the easiest choice, but an alternative method is to fix the insulation with steel bands.

When using flexible wired mats, it is necessary you secure the required support for cladding with structures, such as supporting rings, in order to prevent the insulation from sagging.

Pressure vessel insulated with PAROC Pro Wired Mat, fixed with steel bands 

For heat exchangers and vessels with maximum temperatures of about 200–300 °C, Paroc recommends the following solution: 

  • Use a double layer insulation solution with 100 kg/m3 PAROC Pro Wired Mat
  • Bind the joints of wired mat together from the mesh with pitch less than 100 mm.
  • Fix the insulation with steel bands.