Since ventilation ducts usually pass from one fire partitioning area to another, you will need proper fire protection in ducts and penetrations to prevent fire spreading inside the building. PAROC products provide maintenance-free fire protection for the whole lifetime of the installation.

In addition to thermal properties, PAROC's insulation products provide a reliable and fire safe solution. This reduces the need for mechanical fire safety equipment, such as sprinklers and dampers.

PAROC products are classified as non-combustible according to the international standard EN ISO 1182 and PAROC stone wool is classified as Euroclass A1.

Fire protection of rectangular ventilation duct with PAROC stone wool products  Fire protection of circular ventilation duct with PAROC stone wool products 

You can use PAROC wired mats, fire slabs and pipe sections for duct-related fire insulation applications in all types of structures and solutions. However, the fire solutions for ducts are different depending on your country. Please check with your local Paroc representative for your local requirements and Paroc’s recommended solution.