Marine products in PAROC® Calculus

06 Jun 2019

Marine products in PAROC Calculus

The latest development of PAROC Calculus, the technical insulation calculation tool, opens the door to the world of shipbuilding. PAROC Marine products and their specialized facings are now available in the updated database.

The addition of marine insulation products and facings to PAROC Calculus means that calculations for all insulated items on a ship or offshore – such as exhausts, pipework and ductwork, and tanks – can now be performed using the correct PAROC Marine certified products.

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Calculating with the correct facing emissivity can be very important in determining the surface temperature of an insulated item in the marine environment, and is therefore also important for personnel protection at sea.

Modern shipbuilding increasingly looks at the issue of weight saving, for reasons of fuel efficiency, range and manoeuvrability. Therefore the Calculus feature showing the weight of insulation is also very handy for designers.

How does it work?
To perform calculations with PAROC Marine products, tick the “Marine object” box under the “Select object” heading. The product offering will be switched to marine products. The most commonly used PAROC Marine products are published in Calculus. Marine facings are also in the system, listed under the “Insulation” heading in cladding materials.

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